small roads

In the music video of “Latest News” we have featured three different archaic and nowerdays less used roads in Estonia – the road passing through Kavilda Ürgorg in Tartumaa parish, a curvy road on Vormsi Island passing through the forest near Rälby Village and the now demolished Rapla-Virtsu narrow gauge railway (more precisely the railway dam area in Virtsu). In the music video we only used some parts of these videos. The source videos are much longer takes and we have uploaded the full rides on our “exp.erience” YT channel. All these rides where taken on Kalle’s restored BSA M20 motorcycle and filmed by eleOnora. Take a dive in and for fuller experience we recommend full screen and earphones.

Kavilda ürgorg / BSA M20 / Ringhold
Vormsi / BSA M20 / Ringhold
Virtsu raudteetamm / BSA M20 / Ringhold