The Ringhold Guitar

We made a short video to introduce The Ringhold Guitar. It is a custom instrument built by Kalle Tikas himself in 2017 before recording our second studio album “Hello Bob!”. The main deal about The Ringhold Guitar is that you can take it to pieces in order for it to fit in a smaller case than a standard guitar case. Of course there do exist foldable guitars on the market made for a similar purpose, still Kalle had his own vision and made it manifest. He purchased a 12-string electric guitar DIY kit and did some work on it. Besides cutting it to pieces he rebuilt it into a 9-string guitar and left the first three strings doubled. He also made the original 12-string head-stock shorter and placed the tuners of the double strings at the back of the now shorter head-stock. Kalle additionally adjusted the neck pick-up to receive a signal only from the 3 lower strings and send the received signal to the bass amp. The main reason for building The Ringhold Guitar was to make touring by motorcycle possible. It is comfortable to attach it to the rear carrier of a motorcycle so that the moto-travellers don’t have to carry the instrument on their backs. Yes, touring by motorcycle can surely be considered impractical, but it’s an adventure and Ringhold will try to arrange this adventurous impracticality.

The Ringhold Guitar custom made by Kalle Tikas

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