Team "Ringhold" at Eriolukordne Lustisõit Hageri Kihelkonnas

On the 5th of May we took part in a landscape game for motocyclists called “Eriolukordne Lustisõit Hageri Kihelkonnas”. Kalle read about this game being organized in our area and we decided to take part with Kalle’s 1940 BSA as team “Ringhold”. We had not been on the road with that bike yet this spring and the weather was promising some wonderful moments. The idea of this game was to pass as many check points out of 44 as possible, as fast as possible. Ringhold normally goes slow on the road – so also this time, we took it slow observing the flow. The first point we checked in at was a pine tree. A beautiful large tree waving at us on the side of the road. We stopped and enjoyed the sun and the tree. From there we moved on and at one moment found ourselves at a location with many vipers (that Kalle saw and eleOnora didn’t), large stones lying all around and cowslip growing. There was also an awsome sculpture like pile of concrete blocks of different shapes stacked up for no apparent reason. Would be nice to go back there, that place has a good vibe. Then we kind of drove around looking and finding other check points. At some moment along the way we stopped at a three directional cross road. We stopped to check the map while some dogs were barking further away, across a field at one house. We kept looking at the map and the dogs kept barking and all of a sudden they sounded different. So we looked up and saw that the dogs had come really close and they were actually two qute puppies coming closer and closer and barking and waving their pig tails. The sun also kept shining. After getting acquainted with the puppies we finally drove on. Although it was a sunny day it was also quite a chilly ride and as the hours went by it got cooler. So with spring in the hearts and cool wind blowing we decided to stop for some icescream at Hageri shop. On the first icescream stop this spring Kalle took vanilla ice cream with chocholate coating and eleOnora tried to find something interesting and hopefully not too sweet. We sat on the grass outside the shop and read a sign on the door that said “Please visit us as little as you can” – lockdown in Estonia was about to end in a couple of days. All that time we had been locked down in our little house between a forest and a river. And now, just a couple of days before the end of the curfew we found a reason for an icescream stop. This was not the last stop yet though. From there we drove to maybe 4 more check points. We also went far down a pretty looking road we finally had to turn back from as it went from pretty to messy. Later from somewhere else we drove straight home, for hot tea and warm blanket.